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Carla's 20-Day Mat Throw Down Challenge

A breakthrough program that will change your body and awaken your soul
Coached by Carla Giambrone

         What if there was a program that offered you an opportunity to create a lifestyle that could change the way you looked and felt? 

No matter how long you’ve been practicing yoga, you will benefit from this program and all it offers.  The program’s main components are flexibility and commitment,
yet enough latitude in the schedule to accommodate your busy life.  
The power and integrity of this process is when you join the Team!

As a certified coach through nationally recognized, Coach Training Alliance, Carla will support the group to encourage and challenge  each other and share the success and discoveries of something new, creative and powerful. Discover what it’s like to feel better than you ever thought possible, meet challenges and find the true joy in your life. This and much more awaits you on the other side of your throw-down challenge.  

Is this program is for you? Carla's 20-day mat throw down challenge is built on the principal that anyone can do yoga regardless of age, strength, flexibility or weight, whether you are a seasoned yoga practitioner or if you have never stepped foot on a mat.  It will meet you where you are and take you further than you thought possible. 
Make the commitment. It will change your life.

Contact Carla with questions/more info:  585-202-6001
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