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The LEAN® Coaching Method: Interpersonal attunement to empower yourself and your community.

The LEAN® Living Empowered Action Now Coaching Method:
1.  Be Clear
2.  Be Centered
3.  Be Consistent
4.  Be Seen
What is coaching and who benefits from a coach?
Coaching is a process where the client and the coach work together toward a greater and bigger plan and way of being for the client. Some say it's like having the best friend you wish you had.  A coach listens deeply, reflects truthfully, and often asks hard questions. A coach helps clients find the answers to their questions, and solutions to their problems in the most profound way:  by unearthing what the client needs within themselves.  Often a coach gives practical tips, offers suggestions and shares resources about how to get the next step accomplished, and regularly provides the needed support and accountability for clients to take action toward their goals. 

Those who benefit from a coach are motivated individuals who want to move to the next phase in their lives more quickly and efficiently than if they go it alone.  They are ready to find clarity and purpose, and are willing to do the work to get there.  They are people willing and able to invest in themselves, go deeper into their true selves, and are ready to manifest their biggest dreams and heart's greatest desires.

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